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Just back from visiting the new Clonakilty Market at the Spillers Lane Car Park. It seems to have gone well, no major conflict. The traders had their names recorded by the town clerk but no more than that. A good crowd came along to shop and have a nose and Darina Allen gave a strong message of support for both markets. She told me that she has also invited the town councillors to visit Ballymaloe and Midleton to see how the market is working their and talk to their counterparts in the Midleton Town Council.
Following the successful launch of the market, the traders have decided to suspend it for the time being pending a public meeting. The meeting will be held on Tuesday August 19 at 8pm in O’Donovan’s Hotel. The meeting is hosted by the committee of the proposed market with invited speakers. All are welcome.
Here are my photos:

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The debate about Clonakilty Market continues on C103, but unfortunately only the pro side is being represented. Other than Cionnaith O Suilleabhain, the councillors have stayed off the airwaves. In the interests of presenting the other side of the argument I was glad to receive a copy of Peter Walsh’s letter to the local business community:

3 Pearse St




Dear Business Owner/Rate Payer

I feel compelled, as a Town Councillor and Town Centre trader, to issue a statement on The “Proposed Clonakilty Market” which is to be located in Kent St. Car Park and feel it necessary to point out my concerns and reservations about the threat it poses to businesses in Clonakilty Town Centre.

I wish to point out a few facts:

  • This is not a “farmers market”, in fact the main pro-poser markets “olives” and is using some local intersted parties to front this market when in fact, most of the marketers are not from the locality.
  • The proposed site being used is taking invaluable parking/access away from your business which you pay rates each year to maintain, and, on the busiest day of the week when it is most needed.
  • Although you may feel that it may not pose competition to your business directly, the precedent set today may encourage otheres to set up in the future.
  • The “Market” is in direct conflict with the by-laws of Clonakilty Town Council
  • Each and every Year!, when you pay your rent, rates, repak, refuse, water-in/water-out (and waster water license!!) energy bills, imro/ppi or whether its Christmas lights, summer flowers, community donations, remember who (and who does not!) pay the bills.
  • This market undermines the rate collection capacity of Clonakilty Town Council and threatens the capacity of the council to pay for essential projects. i.e. footpath upgrades, playground, housing etc…
  • This market poses a Health & Safety Issue to pedestrians and users of the Car Park. There has been no consultation with Clonakilty Town Council or the Gardai to this point.
  • Anyone who tells you that this Market will bring business to town is misleading you! People come to Clonakilty Town Cente to avail of essential services, some of which are provided 6/7 days a week by you and others and often at unsociable hours. TO undermine these services is to undermine the survival of the Town Centre.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions on this matter and I wish you every success. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call me.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Walsh (#phone number#)

If anyone would like to add their views here by way of support or challenge, please feel free to post a comment.

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