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This in from Cionnaith O Suilleabhain:
A Cháirde,
FYI below is the text of the motion submitted to Clonakilty Town Council for next Tuesdays Council Meeting agenda. It was agreed at the public meeting last week that this would be circulated as soon as it has been sent in to place on the agenda
The motion was co-signed by Cllrs. Robert Walsh, Paul Hayes, Anthony McDermott and myself, and the remaining five councillors will be contacted today (Tuesday) inviting them to avail of the option (if they wish) to go into the Town Hall to also sign it before 5.00pm which is the deadline for submission of motions.


“That this council amends it’s Casual Trading byelaws to designate the “Credit Union Car Park” for the purposes of Casual Trading under the Casual Trading Act of 1995″


Also, as per the public meeting last week, a deputation of three people who support the market idea, has been arranged. They will be received at the start of the council meeting (7.00pm sharp). As per Standing Orders, two of the three will be given a maximum of 5 minutes each to address the council on why it should allow the market to be held and in the location that’s being suggested. After they have spoken, they will be thanked by the Mayor, and the council may discuss what has been said, but will not be allowed interact with the speakers, or the speakers will not be allowed to make any further comments.

(The Mayor may use his discretion to be a bit more flexible in relation to how rigidly he wishes to implement the Standing Orders – e.g. he may invite the third member of the deputation to also speak, and may not “blow the whistle” when the 5 minutes are up for each speaker)


The motion will then be discussed later as part of the agenda which is where things will be won or lost.


Important that those who are interested make every effort to attend the council meeting. You must be in the chamber and seated by 7.00pm and cannot interrupt the proceedings. Numbers might be curtailed if Health and Safety or Fire regulations are in danger of being breached, so first in first served, so to speak.


Those who favour the market should at this stage be working to influence the other councillors not mentioned above to either vote for the motion, or abstain. To be successful we only need a majority of one vote.

There are nine councillors. Four have signed the motion and therefore will be voting Yes. The remaining five could vote NO to defeat the proposal or if some abstained, to still allow a majority of one carry it.

The Mayor would only use his casting vote if there’s a tie (as happened in March).


Feel free to forward this to interested parties and individuals.


Meanwhile, the issue got an airing on TG4 Nuacht last Friday. Click on this link and go to 18.00 minutes on the programme (just after the ads!!)







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From: Caroline Robinson <carolinerobinson@eircom.net>
Date: Aug 25, 2008 9:34 AM
Subject: [westcorkgossip] Anti-GM protest Teagasc Tues 26th 3pm
To: westcorkgossip@yahoogroups.com



Hi all, Please try to come for a short peaceful demonstration outside the Teagasc Offices on Model Farm Rd on Tuesday 26th at 3pm.
We want to show our displeasure that Teagasc is one of the main sponsors of the pro-Gm Conference in UCC. Apparently they donated 50,000 euro.
The Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC 2008) at University College Cork this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will promote the release of patented GM algae, crops, trees, fish, and livestock as a solution to rising food and fuel prices and climate change.The conference is being organised by a Canadian foundation with funding from the Canadian Government, industry lobby groups, and corporate agri-biotech giants including Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, and BP Bio Fuels.  About 400 delegates taking part.

We are protesting the fact that the conference is being co-sponsored by seven Irish government or semi-state agencies including Teagasc (the prime sponsor which is also chairing the event), Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, the Marine Institute (Foras na Mara), the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, and Sustainable Energy Ireland.

This abuse of public funding to promote GM food and farming violates the Government’s agreement to negotiate to declare the whole island of Ireland off-limits to GM crops. We hope our protest will result in a renewed Government commitment to do this and take action to enable farmers to source non-GMO animal feed which is available to their competitors in other parts of the EU.

Please pass on to anyone you think may be interested. Hope to see you there! Caroline



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