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With a bit more time to reflect on the Terra Madre experience, I’m starting to appreciate it’s more subtle effects. Something has taken root in my head, every now and then I catch myself coninuing conversations that I took part in weeks ago on a wet day at Waterford WIT. I guess it’s one of the symptoms of being listened to that one starts to talk more even when there’s no-one around. If you’re suffering similarly I would remind you that the online forum is sill open and active and will remain so until the world summit – Terra Madre in Turin in October. Looking through the various threads that have developed around each workshop it is clear that mostĀ found it very hard to capture the complexity of the discussions and often contrary positionsfrom the participants. The divide seems unbridgeable between large commercial export oriented farming and quality oriented producers developing local markets. There’s no doubt where the money is going though – I’m just looking at the Money & Jobs section in de paper and see that Enterprise Irelnad, Teagasc and 3 of the universties have just set up a National Functional Foods Research Centre and created 30 jobs – maybe I’m just naive or uncaring but I find it hard to get excited about Ireland’s plans to build core competency in functional foods targetting early infant development, metabolic syndrome and colorectal cancer. It just looks to me likeĀ inventing ways to offload powdered milk – it’s hardly going to put anymore money in farmers pockets given that they don’t own the processing companies anymore (with the exception of Carbery).

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