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Hi Ivan, Here is an update on the relocation of Clonakilty Market. Contact me if you have any questions.
Thanks for your support

Clonakilty Market
Every Friday (rain or shine)
(9am – 2pm)

As of Friday, 23 Oct 2009 Clonakilty Market, which has become a pleasant weekly feature of Clonakilty town life, will temporarily relocate to an area a short distance from where they have been trading since April 2009. The laneway, Recorders Alley, which connects Pearse Street to the Kent Street car park will be the temporary location for the Friday market.
The move follows the request by the council after a vote in August that traders vacate the Credit Union carpark. Since then the traders have investigated four possible temporary locations for the market. A lot of goodwill was expressed to rehouse the market and following meetings between Tommy O’Donovan of O’Donovans Hotel and market traders it was agreed that the proposed location would be most suitable.
Following the unanimous August vote which voted in favour a finding a suitable permantent location for the market, councillors and town officials will now proceed with their investigations. The current council fully supports the market and Mayor Anthony McDermott has stated publically that it is something that he would like to have fully resolved within the tenure of his mayorship. It is hoped that the process might take shorter than the 12 months as outlined by Town Hall officials at that meeting.

The market has enjoyed great success and public support since trading began in April. A wide range of goods on offer include locally grown organic produce, plants, flowers, oven baked pizzas, cheeses, breads, baking goods, dressings, meats, olives and much more. All vendors provide high quality foods, much of it organic, that have been grown, produced or sourced by small producers across the country. All are registered with the governing health agencies and the market currently provides employment for 30 people. Some of the fare on offer include:

Fruit & Vegetables
Mediterranean Fare
Gluten-free products
Fresh Flowers
Soups and Relishes
Local artisan produce
Chutneys and Pickles
Coffee and Teas
Smoked Fish
Thai Grill
and more

If you are interested in trading at the market please contact Gerald Kelleher at 087-6775600. All traders must be registered with their governing bodies. Spaces are now quite limited but the Market will operate a waiting list so please make contact if interested.

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Marie O'Keeffe, Emmet Hotel, Clonakilty

Marie O'Keeffe, Emmet Hotel, Clonakilty

If like me you’ve been spending long evenings planning your holiday you may find it reassuring to know that at your journey’s end there are dedicated tourism professionals who are also making plans at this time. And if you’re lucky you’ll stumble upon restaurants run by chefs that have the ambition and skills to serve you the flavours of their local produce. This week I dropped in to one such provider who was busy preparing her summer menu, Marie O’Keeffe, proprietor of the Emmet Hotel in Clonakilty. In keeping with these straightened times Marie is keen to offer great value and is introducing an evening meal deal comprising weekly main course specials with tea/coffee for just €10 or €12.50 with a glass of wine. In looking at changing her menu, however, Marie is clear about some things that won’t be changing. “The important thing is that even though we’re dropping our prices we’re sticking with our old suppliers that are still more expensive. Lots of restaurants are introducing value offers but they’re also dropping the quality of the ingredients. A lot of what they put out is muck. We’ve sampled meat from so many suppliers, they’re a lot cheaper but just not as good. We get all our meat from Dan Lordan in Ballinspittle and our fish from Ballycotton Seafood. The natural yogurt from Irish Yogurts gets a great reaction and visitors to Clonakilty always look for black pudding. There are great herbs and vegetables grown here and fruit too, like Bushby’s strawberries.” “You can buy in almost any dish prepared and just cook or reheat it straight from the van, but that’s not what we’re about. We make everything from scratch ourselves. For sauces and soups, fresh stock is particularly important. You can’t get the depth, the hidden flavours, from a sauce without real stock. I had a battle with a rep the other day who was trying to convince me to use Knorr bouillons. I said that all I could taste was the MSG. ‘But that’s what they want!’ he said. Maybe he’s right but you have to be true to your own standards.” Marie is a self taught chef and is pleased to share what she has learned when she finds someone whose delight in food matches hers. “If someone working here shows and interest in food I respond and encourage them. We’ve had 3 people so far who’ve begun working as kitchen porters and were clearly interested in cooking. We’ve supported them to go to college and become fully qualified chefs.” I managed to prize a few recipes and tips from her, though there are plenty of others that she’s unwilling to part with for now. “The summer menu will naturally be lighter but we’ll keep many of the dishes we’re known for. People like to try new things on holidays so we can be more adventurous during the summer. For example, we sell more offal during the summer. I absolutely love offal myself, particularly sweetbreads. Everything but the brain. When I started cooking in Cork city and later in London, we served offal to please the jaded corporate palate – people who were dining out 3 or 4 nights a week and wanted something different. Now people are rediscovering offal, it’s fashionable but also cheap.” The last recipe Marie gave me was for grilled goat’s cheese with honey, lavender and roast beetroot, a definite new addition. I don’t think I have ever tasted lavender as a herb and am salivating in anticipation of this one. So bring on the summer and bring on the menu!

Bluebell Goat’s Cheese with Honey, Lavender and Roast Beetroot

Roast the beetroot in the oven (180˚C fan assisted, 200˚C conventional) for 20-30 minutes or until soft. You can wrap each one in foil if you want as they bleed. Remove the skin and chop into cubes. Slice the goat’s cheese into 1” thick rounds. Place a sprig of lavender on top of the cheese and brush with local honey. Place under grill until slightly brown. In the meantime heat your beetroot in a tiny amount of olive oil. Place on plate and top with goat’s cheese.

Chicken Stock (most versatile)

1 large onion (remove the skin if you want a clear stock) 1 leek – use the green part only and keep the white chopped for use as veg 2 sticks of celery, chopped Add whatever fresh herbs are available (do not use thyme)

Bring to the boil and simmer for 1-2 hours. Skim occasionally. Strain and allow to cool before skimming off any fat. I don’t use carrot as it tends to give a stewey flavour, but not everyone in the kitchen agrees. If you want to get the sweetness of carrots, then sautee them in a drop of olive oil, cover and soften them in their own steam. Pour the stock into this to absorb the flavours at the end of the stock cooking.

Marie’s Homemade Brown Soda Bread

Makes 3 loaves

1kg bag of Howard’s Extra Coarse Brown Flour, 4 oz butter, 1 tsp bread soda, 1 oz brown sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1 fistful wheatgerm, 1 fistful jumbo oats, 1 fistful pinhead oatmeal,  1 fistful roast buckwheat, 1 ½ litre buttermilk

Rub in butter and bread soda to the flour. Add all the other ingredients. Bake at 180˚C for ¾ hour in 3 1lb loaf tins. Remove from tins and put back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

Marie’s Offal Selection

Crubeens with White Pudding – boil gently for 2-3 hours until tender. Bone while still warm. Leave the toe bones in. Stuff with white pudding mixed with onion. Brush with garlic butter, roll in fine breadcrumbs and roast in oven for 20-25 mins (180˚C).

Sweetbreads with mushrooms – soak the sweetbreads in water with salt for at least an hour to remove the blood. Then blanch and allow to cool slightly so that you can remove the skin. Dip in eggs and breadcrumbs. Slice and fry. Once cooked, add cream, mushrooms and perhaps a drop of sherry.

Lambs liver with garlic – Lambs liver can be just as good as veal liver. Buy the liver in a large piece and keep in milk until ready to use. Fry it in butter in thick cuts. Once cooked pour melted garlic butter over the liver.

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This news just in from Alison Wickham at Sustainable Clonakilty:

Hi everyone
It is the Council’s intention to request the Gardai to prevent next Friday’s Clonakilty Market taking place. Should this happen it may many months again before this facility is returned to the town.

People, as individuals, may wish to turn up at the Credit Union car park early on Friday to show their interest in the market continuing,

All the best,


Alison Wickham

Secretary, Sustclon Ltd

E: sustainableclon@gmail.com W: www.sustainableclon.com

Ph 023 883 5241

If you have a chance to vote in the local elections in June in Clonakilty town please use your opportunity to question the candidates about where they stand on the market issue.

See also: http://bakingemporiumltd.wordpress.com/2009/04/04/baking-emporium-ltd-clonakilty-market/

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Hi Ivan,

Meeting to be hosted by the committee of Clonakilty Market, invited local business people, and invited local resident speakers to discuss and address the current situation in regards to the proposed outdoor food market in Clonakilty. Meeting to be chaired by Mick Hanly, Chairman of Clonakilty Tourism board.


All are welcome.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
Public Meeting
8 p.m.
Emmett Hotel, Clonakilty


Gerald Kelleher

Chairman, Clonakilty Food Market

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This in from Cionnaith O Suilleabhain:
A Cháirde,
FYI below is the text of the motion submitted to Clonakilty Town Council for next Tuesdays Council Meeting agenda. It was agreed at the public meeting last week that this would be circulated as soon as it has been sent in to place on the agenda
The motion was co-signed by Cllrs. Robert Walsh, Paul Hayes, Anthony McDermott and myself, and the remaining five councillors will be contacted today (Tuesday) inviting them to avail of the option (if they wish) to go into the Town Hall to also sign it before 5.00pm which is the deadline for submission of motions.


“That this council amends it’s Casual Trading byelaws to designate the “Credit Union Car Park” for the purposes of Casual Trading under the Casual Trading Act of 1995″


Also, as per the public meeting last week, a deputation of three people who support the market idea, has been arranged. They will be received at the start of the council meeting (7.00pm sharp). As per Standing Orders, two of the three will be given a maximum of 5 minutes each to address the council on why it should allow the market to be held and in the location that’s being suggested. After they have spoken, they will be thanked by the Mayor, and the council may discuss what has been said, but will not be allowed interact with the speakers, or the speakers will not be allowed to make any further comments.

(The Mayor may use his discretion to be a bit more flexible in relation to how rigidly he wishes to implement the Standing Orders – e.g. he may invite the third member of the deputation to also speak, and may not “blow the whistle” when the 5 minutes are up for each speaker)


The motion will then be discussed later as part of the agenda which is where things will be won or lost.


Important that those who are interested make every effort to attend the council meeting. You must be in the chamber and seated by 7.00pm and cannot interrupt the proceedings. Numbers might be curtailed if Health and Safety or Fire regulations are in danger of being breached, so first in first served, so to speak.


Those who favour the market should at this stage be working to influence the other councillors not mentioned above to either vote for the motion, or abstain. To be successful we only need a majority of one vote.

There are nine councillors. Four have signed the motion and therefore will be voting Yes. The remaining five could vote NO to defeat the proposal or if some abstained, to still allow a majority of one carry it.

The Mayor would only use his casting vote if there’s a tie (as happened in March).


Feel free to forward this to interested parties and individuals.


Meanwhile, the issue got an airing on TG4 Nuacht last Friday. Click on this link and go to 18.00 minutes on the programme (just after the ads!!)







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Just back from visiting the new Clonakilty Market at the Spillers Lane Car Park. It seems to have gone well, no major conflict. The traders had their names recorded by the town clerk but no more than that. A good crowd came along to shop and have a nose and Darina Allen gave a strong message of support for both markets. She told me that she has also invited the town councillors to visit Ballymaloe and Midleton to see how the market is working their and talk to their counterparts in the Midleton Town Council.
Following the successful launch of the market, the traders have decided to suspend it for the time being pending a public meeting. The meeting will be held on Tuesday August 19 at 8pm in O’Donovan’s Hotel. The meeting is hosted by the committee of the proposed market with invited speakers. All are welcome.
Here are my photos:

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The debate about Clonakilty Market continues on C103, but unfortunately only the pro side is being represented. Other than Cionnaith O Suilleabhain, the councillors have stayed off the airwaves. In the interests of presenting the other side of the argument I was glad to receive a copy of Peter Walsh’s letter to the local business community:

3 Pearse St




Dear Business Owner/Rate Payer

I feel compelled, as a Town Councillor and Town Centre trader, to issue a statement on The “Proposed Clonakilty Market” which is to be located in Kent St. Car Park and feel it necessary to point out my concerns and reservations about the threat it poses to businesses in Clonakilty Town Centre.

I wish to point out a few facts:

  • This is not a “farmers market”, in fact the main pro-poser markets “olives” and is using some local intersted parties to front this market when in fact, most of the marketers are not from the locality.
  • The proposed site being used is taking invaluable parking/access away from your business which you pay rates each year to maintain, and, on the busiest day of the week when it is most needed.
  • Although you may feel that it may not pose competition to your business directly, the precedent set today may encourage otheres to set up in the future.
  • The “Market” is in direct conflict with the by-laws of Clonakilty Town Council
  • Each and every Year!, when you pay your rent, rates, repak, refuse, water-in/water-out (and waster water license!!) energy bills, imro/ppi or whether its Christmas lights, summer flowers, community donations, remember who (and who does not!) pay the bills.
  • This market undermines the rate collection capacity of Clonakilty Town Council and threatens the capacity of the council to pay for essential projects. i.e. footpath upgrades, playground, housing etc…
  • This market poses a Health & Safety Issue to pedestrians and users of the Car Park. There has been no consultation with Clonakilty Town Council or the Gardai to this point.
  • Anyone who tells you that this Market will bring business to town is misleading you! People come to Clonakilty Town Cente to avail of essential services, some of which are provided 6/7 days a week by you and others and often at unsociable hours. TO undermine these services is to undermine the survival of the Town Centre.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions on this matter and I wish you every success. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to call me.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Walsh (#phone number#)

If anyone would like to add their views here by way of support or challenge, please feel free to post a comment.

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A new Clonakilty Market is due to be launched this Friday but it seems that not everyone is happy about the proposed location.

The first I heard about the new market was this message from Giana Ferguson:

YOU ARE WARMLY INVITED TO THE LAUNCH OF CLONAKILTY MARKET BY DARINA ALLEN On Friday 8th August 2008 –  at 12.30 in Spiller’s Lane Car Park (by The Credit Union)

The Friends of Clonakilty Market have arranged for you a list of some of the very finest Local and Seasonal foods: 
Organic Vegetables, Fresh Fish, Locally Baked Breads, Gluten free or traditional,
Rashers and sausages, Olives, dips, sun-dried tomatoes, jams, chutneys, sushi
Farmhouse Cheeses, freshly brewed coffee and lemon juice… and much more….
(Trader’s 7.30 – Market begins from 8.30 – OFFICIAL OPENING AT 12.30)
Gik on 087 6775600 or 023 58800
Now it seems that the town council has not approved the use of this location and instead suggested moving to the car park by the Community School (they were offered 6 parking spaces). I think most people would agree that this would be a step down. The original market on Thursday has been taking place in the courtyard of O’Donovans Hotel for the last 2 years which is just over the wall from the proposed Spillers Lane location. It has definitely fallen a long way from the dizzy heights in reached in 2004/05 before Mahon Point market opened and personal conflicts came to a head. At that time it was located on McCurtain Hill. The original Clonakilty Farmers Market has been a great launching pad for quite a number of local producers and in my view has great potential to benefit the town as well. I’m surprised at local business traders objecting, I thought that this whole argument about the benefits of market to towns had been won. Furthermore the market stallholders have agreed to pay a licence fee of €10/day to the town council, which more than covers their contribution in rates.
Anyway, it sounds like Friday is going to be interesting as the market group appears intent on going ahead with setting up at Spillers Lane car park and invoking trading rights from 1613AD. Please come along if you want to support the market and lets try to get it off to a fresh start.
Correction 07/08/08:
I had previously thought this was a relaunch of the original Clonakilty Farmers Market, but in fact this is a new market. My apologies to the traders involved in the Thursday Clonakilty Farmers Market for giving the wrong impression. The Thursday Farmers Market will continue to operate in O’Donovans courtyard.

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