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This sounds brilliant – just in from the West Cork Literary Festival. I have to see if I can get free at work and get along there. John always has things so well thought out:

John & Sally McKenna's brilliant guide to Irish Food.

John & Sally McKenna's brilliant guide to Irish Food.

There will be a unique chance to learn about the art and craft of food writing from Ireland’s “leading food critic” John McKenna during the West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry in July.

The five day workshop from July 6 – 10 will introduce aspiring food critics, would-be cookbook writers and those with an interest in writing about food to the strong literary tradition within food writing, to the icons of the art, and to show why food writing is an essential part of a country’s culture.

The cost of the course is € 175 and takes place from Monday 6 – Friday 10 July from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Booking is limited to 15 participants.

Topics covered will include Food Writing as Art; Food Writing as Craft; Food Culture vs Food Celebrities; Constructing a Food Narrative; Case Study: Michael Pollan

To find out more about this and other workshops including Writing for the Stage with Billy Roche, Writing for Radio with Rory Kilalea, Screen Writing with Ferdia Mac Anna and many more, have a look at www.westcorkliteraryfestival.ie or ring 027 55987

John McKenna is the author and publisher, with his wife, Sally, of The Bridgestone Guides, a series of independent, critical guides to Ireland’s food and hospitality cultures. The McKennas have written and published the Bridgestone Guides since 1991.

John McKenna has won four Glenfiddich Awards for food writing and broadcasting, and he has also won the Andre Simon Special Award for The Bridgestone Irish Food Guide. He is the only Irish writer to have won both these international awards.John McKenna has been described by The New York Times as Ireland’s leading food critic, by The Financial Times as Ireland’s champion food writer, and by The Guardian as Ireland’s most opinion-forming food critic and a powerful commentator on culinary trends.





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